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I understand that you would like to sell your home quickly and for the highest possible price. Our Home Selling Strategy combines the latest online technologies with proven sales and marketing methods to help you sell and achieve these goals. Let me tell you about the most important things you need to know!

Many people today search for and purchase homes from long distance locations. They cannot physically come to the area on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. But they want to buy and purchase a second home, vacation home, summer property or investment property. Even those people who do live in the area often find the need to do their preliminary searches on line. With the availability of today’s on-line planning tools, the average buyer creates appointments and schedules for making purchases through their on-line product and inventory searches. Today, that number is more than 94% of real estate buyers. They are conducting their own online Internet home searches at this moment. So do not dally any longer, to ensure that your home is noticed by the largest number of potential buyers contact us immediately. We use many internet marketing techniques to push your home listing to popular real estate websites across the Internet for maximum exposure.


We will prepare a comprehensive analysis of recent sales, current competition to provide you with a package that is fit for your decision-making and planning needs to determine the best possible list price for your home. To receive the best price possible in the shortest time-frame is the goal. Therefore, it is imperative your real estate agent have their finger on the pulse of your specific neighborhood, AND combines these facts and figures with the unique selling features of your home. First, we will compile a portfolio for you and initially assess all of the current data on the market for accuracy and quality. Then, we will continue keeping track of data over time to keep you abreast of the most current trending in the market. In addition, as part of our pricing strategy, we will tour neighboring homes currently on the market to compare overall condition, home features, and finishing qualities – much like your potential buyers will do! Our intent is to serve your best interests.


Besides all of the analytical data and statistics involved in real estate, there is an art to selling homes. We like to envision your home or property the way an artist would. Let me tell you a little bit about how we think. Like an artist who studies their subject to understand the problems involved in rendering such subjects, we create a visual image of your property to capture the essence of its features and characteristics. Like an artist who plans the elements to be used in his finished work, such as light, color, form, perspective and composition; we create a package for our site that intensifies the charm of your home or property. Like an artist whose studies can have major impact in the final product due to the insights the artist gains while exploring the subject, we use our best tools of the trade to capture with precision a finished representation of your home. And finally, like an artist whose piece hangs in the gallery for sale, we will market home on our website framed much like in a gallery to attract potential buyers to you.

We have become well-known for our online marketing skills as Unmatched in the White Mountains of Arizona. Being comprehensive on the internet with a promotional package that enhances your property is key to our strategy. Through our hard-working ethic, we will assure your home’s maximum marketing exposure. We work attentively to put together a thorough and comprehensive marketing and promotional plan that targets interested and qualified parties. We include high quality images of your home with the compilation of all your listing information and an on-line, walk-through, and virtual tour with quality copy to peak a potential buyer’s keen interest. Our site is thoroughly inclusive with a full multiple listing service and search features. Torreon Real Esate  is a full-service site advertising your property online through social media networks, and all traditional techniques (newspaper, flyers, and postcards).

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When you choose me as your real estate agent you will get an honest, dedicated, ambitious over achiever. I work very hard with clients and you can expect great communication, professional attitude, and reliability.