Winter Weather Is On Its Way

Winter Weather Report For White MountainsWe are now half way through the month of February and we are expected to get another Winter storm starting this Wednesday. It’s been about a week since our last Winter storm that dropped about 5-7 inches of snow. The past few days have been very mild and majority of the snow has already melted in Show Low from the last storm. Our weather here in the White Mountains has been very strange lately. Winter arrived late in December and we had a week in January that was extremely cold and then things warm up for about a week and go back to being cold. After reading a few weather reports, it looks like we might possibly get another couple inches of snow with this weeks storm coming in. Hopefully, the weather starts to warm up and stay warm soon because I am looking forward to the Spring and Summer months! If your traveling to Northeastern Arizona this week, be sure to check the weather reports and drive safe.