Business Cards For Torreon Real Estate

Over the past few months, I have been debating on ordering a newly designed business card for Torreon. Last year was an extremely busy year for me and I went through 1000 business cards that I had previously ordered through Vista Print. I was really happy with the old design but felt it was missing something to make it unique and stand out from other business cards you see from other Realtors. About a week ago, I was updating the Facebook page associated with Torreon Real Estate and came across a company that could print some neat Facebook Business Cards to tie both the social networking site and together. After ordering the cards and them arriving in the mail, I was extremely impressed with the quality in both the paper used to make the card and the colors on the cards. So today I decided to create a new design for business cards with the launch of Torreon Real Estate and they should be arriving in the mail within the next week. I wanted to share what they will look like and included a few screenshots of the cards below.

New Torreon Real Estate Business Cards

Front Of New Torreon Real Estate Cards

Back Of New Torreon Real Estate Cards

New Facebook Business Cards For Torreon Real Estate

Front Of Torreon Facebook Cards

Back Of Torreon Facebook Cards